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The books from the collections of the ISS PAS Library presented on the RCIN platform are mostly the Institute's publications. Their thematic diversity reflects the multi-directional history of research conducted by outstanding Polish Slavists. There are books concerning literary studies, as well as knowledge about Slavic languages, history and culture of the Slavs, starting from the earliest times. The collection is dominated by linguistic works in fields such as the history of Slavic languages, onomastics, etymology, semantics, comparative studies and dialectology – especially in the border areas: Lemko, Bialystok and Cieszyn Silesia. An important part of the collection are also publications on the languages of ethnic, cultural and religious minorities: Lusatians, Kashubs, Polish Highlanders in Bukovina, Old Believers in Poland, Poles in Lithuania and Belarus. These publications go beyond the strict framework of linguistics, becoming a part of sociolinguistics.



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