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Collection of myxomycetes (‘slime moulds’) at the W. Szafer Institute of Botany PAS (KRAM M) is one of the largest and most important myxomycete collections in Poland. It contains over 1500 inventoried specimens, ca. 3,000 unnumbered specimens and ca. 3,000 permanent microscopic slides. The bulk of this collection comprises historical material, notably internationally important contributions from J. Rostafiński, M. Raciborski, J. Krupa and H. Krzemieniewska. The herbarium collection has been further enriched by exchange or donations which included specimens collected or studied by A. Lister, Ch. Meylan, J. Schroeter and C. Torrend. KRAM M includes specimens from many countries worldwide (e.g. Argentina, Chile, France, Germany, Indonesia, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Ukraine, USA), among them ca. 100 nomenclatural type collections. Recent (21st century) contributions have established in particular an important collection of nivicolous myxomycetes from the mountain areas from four continents.



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