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Seweryn Udziela herbarium

Seweryn Udziela (1857-1937) herbarium, “containing plants used for medical purposes by the village people of Podgórze and Wieliczka counties” is a unique ethnobotanical collection documenting the author’s field research in several villages neighbouring Kraków, most probably in 1890s. Although botanically it is of meagre value (many specimens incomplete or lacking, no data on place nor date of collection provided, several determinations lacking, spurious or outright false, obsolete nomenclature), it is nevertheless of an exceptional importance from the ethnographical and linguistical points of view. Udziela on 146 sheets recorded local names and uses (not only medicinal, but also ritual, magical etc.) of wild or cultivated “folk lore taxa” being mostly single species, but sometimes their closely related groups, genera or even larger units (“Filices – ferns”). In KRAM this set is preserved as a separate, historical collection.



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