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Institute of Fundamental Technological Research PAS

The collections of the IFTR PAS include manuscripts, serials and monographs selected from the library collections of the Institute. The RCIN library contains digitized publications by IFTR PAS researchers. Among the digitized publications presented, readers will find scientific monographs, academic textbooks, conference materials, occasional publications and journals published by IFTR PAS. In terms of the presented topics, the collections of the IFTR PAS in the RCIN digital library reflect the interdisciplinary nature of the collection of the Intitute's Library. The Wojciech Nowacki Library at the IFTR PAS collects scientific resources in the form of prestigious publications in the fields of technical, engineering, IT, biological and medical sciences, which consist of scientific dissertations, published laboratory research results and peer-reviewed books as well as scientific articles. The offer of IFTR PAS publications, made available in the RCIN digital library, is also addressed to representatives of many scientific disciplines.



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