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Orońsko – chocolate flint mining area

The sites included in the collection are primarily chocolate flint extraction points (mines) and flint workshops located in the north-western zone of its deposits, within the Orońsko Commune, Szydłowiecki district, Masovian Voivodeship. Most of the artefacts are from the Orońsko 2 site (AZP 91-76 / 66). Stefan Krukowski was the discoverer and the first researcher of the mining sites located in this area. He also discovered the first mining shafts in 1935 as a result of excavations carried out at the site of Orońsko 2 (called then "Orońsk II"). In the following years, surface survey as well as the excavations were carried out in this area, as well as in other parts of the chocolate flint deposits. In Tomaszów - the site included in this collection - a team led by Romuald Schild discovered the remains of a Neolithic flint mine. The presented collection consists mainly of flint artefacts and tools made of animal bones. The artefacts come mainly from the excavations conducted since 2016 by the IAE PAS in the chocolate flint mine in Orońsko, site 2, as well as from the surface of other mining fields - Guzów 3, 13, 15, Chronów Kolonia Górna 2 and Tomaszów 1, dated to Late Paleolithic and younger periods of the Stone Age - Mesolithic, Neolithic as well as to early Bronze Age. The flint collection includes forms of all stages of raw material processing from the pieces of concretion of chocolate flint through cores, blades, flakes to ready tools.



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