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Books XIX

The sub-collection includes selected publications in the field of mathematics and related sciences, exact and natural sciences, as well as philosophy and logic, collected in the Central Mathematical Library. The sub-collection narrows the main collection of "Books" to publications published between 1800 and 1900. This sub-collection includes not only mathematical tables or monographs, but also many independent works published as part of extensive works by selected authors. To facilitate the process of searching and navigating through this type of multi-page publications, we publish them as separate objects with an individual bibliographic description, but maintaining the structure of the entire work.
The collection also includes some 19th-century titles collected by Samuel Dickstein (1851-1939) and Aleksander Czajewicz (1843-1926). Many of them have a handwritten signature, a stamp or a dedication from the owner of the book collection, giving these copies a unique character.



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