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The collection contains books and periodicals published by the Tadeusz Manteuffel Institute of History Polish Academy of Sciences (including one of the longest-running Polish historical periodicals: "Historical Quarterly" and the first Polish historical journal published in congressional languages: "Acta Poloniae Historica"), selected books and periodicals from the 19th and 20th centuries and old prints from the collection of Prof. Janusz Tazbir Library, the "Index of the Historical and Geographical Dictionary of Mazovia in the Middle Ages" from the collection of the Department of the Historical and Geographical Dictionary of the Polish Lands in the Middle Ages in Warsaw, and research materials related to projects carried out by the Institute's staff and doctoral students. The archival issues of the journals of IH PAS are made available as long as they are licensed by the authors or their heirs (some articles are available in restricted access), while current issues from 2011 are available in their entirety in open access. Books published by IH PAS are made available one year after they were published in print.



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