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Prof. B. Pawłowski collection

Professor Bogumił Pawłowski (1898–1971) was one of the most eminent Polish botanists of the 20th century and an avid plant collector. He worked at the Cracow’s most important botanical establishments – Institutes of Botany of the Jagiellonian University and the Polish Academy of Sciences. He described more than 200 new taxa of vascular plants, including about 60 species. Pawłowski's greatest floral legacy is undoubtedly his herbarium, which includes mainly the flora of the mountains of central and southern Europe. After his death in 1971 his personal herbarium, consisting of over 30,000 sheets, was donated by his wife to the W. Szafer Institute of Botany in Kraków, where it is kept as a separate collection (hb. Pawłowski).

Numerous specimens collected by Prof. Pawłowski have been also incorporated into the KRAM main collection and the Jagellonian University herbarium (KRA).



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