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The collection of bryophytes (KRAM B) is the largest in Poland and among 20 largest in the world, comprising over 246 thousand numbered specimens with about 30 thousand awaiting elaboration. Number of nomenclatural types (i.e. specimens serving a basis for description of new taxa – species, varieties and forms of bryophytes) reached over 2000 – this part of the collection emphasizes the international role of the bryophyte herbarium. In general, about 80% of the world’s known species (95% of genera) of hepatics and mosses are represented in the KRAM-B collection. Of special interest is the world’s largest collection of the south polar bryophytes, from locations including: Crozet Islands, Kerguelen Is., Prince Edward Is., South Georgia Is., Macquarie Is., Amsterdam Is. and Tristan da Cunha. Worth mentioning are also considerable moss collections from tropical Africa, southernmost South America and Australia. Into the herbarium were incorporated almost all historical collections from the territory of Poland since the beginning of 19th century (incl. the oldest Polish collections of H. Łobarzewski and A. Rehmann) as well as all the most important later ones.



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