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The objects in the "Botanical Collections" are mainly herbarium specimens, both of vascular plants and lower spore plants (bryophytes), as well as algae (collections of fungi, lichens, and slime moulds, formerly considered plants, are included in the "Mycological Collections"). The herbarium specimens are generally presented in the form of the entire herbarium sheet scans, although some of them are also available as photographs of selected fragments at high magnification so that users of the repository have better access to the details of the structure of these organisms. The objects digitized so far are only a representation of much larger collections from research institutes that are members of the RCIN consortium. These collections are of recognized international importance because of their history and richness.

Here one can find photographs of live plants, too, both wild (in their natural environment) and cultivated. Also noteworthy are the scientific botanical drawings, which are a special form of representation of the diversity of the plant world and its characteristic features.



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