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Fossil plants collection

The plant fossil KRAM P collection comprises three sub-collections. KRAM P PM sub-collection of flora older than the Palaeogene (> 65 MY) contains 101 catalog units, and also includes single specimens from 22 sites from Poland and the world. This sub-collection consists of over 6 thousand specimens and is stored in the form of: rock fragments with imprints or carbonized plant parts, thin polished sections of mineralized trunks, or branches, and microscopic slides, mostly of leaf cuticles and pollen grains and spores. Among these specimens, the holotypes (specimens, based on which the taxa new for science has been described) of species and genera of Mesozoic plants, deserve special attention. The sub-collection KRAM P T of Paleogene and Neogene (i.e. Tertiary, using older concepts) flora (65 MY – 2.6 MY) is rich in fruit and seeds as well as specimens in the form of rock fragments with plant imprints or parts of plants preserved in carbonized state. It also includes whole-leaf and other plant fragment preparations and slides of cuticles. The KRAM P Q sub-collection of Quaternary flora (<2.6 MY) consists mainly of fruit and seeds, but also leaves, seed scales and cones, and wood fragments from natural and archaeological sites. The objects presented here are derived from the latter collection.



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