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The lichens collection (KRAM L) is the largest and most important lichenological herbarium in Poland, of established international standing. It is composed at present of about 70 thousand numbered specimens, incl. about 250 types and above 6.5 thousand specimens from 35 exsiccata series (among them important historical series of Arnold and Rabenhorst). The core of the collection are Polish lichens, especially from the Carpathian region (e.g. significant herbarium of J. Nowak). Of international importance are also collections from Ukraine (Podolia and East Carpathians), Asia, North America, tropical South America and polar regions. Of systematic groups, the most represented are those from families Buelliaceae, Lecanoraceae, Physciaceae, Teloschistaceae, Umbilicariaceae and Verrucariaceae. Ecological groups of lichenicolous fungi and epiphylic lichens (collected mainly by A. Flakus) are also richly represented. The lichen herbarium owns collections handed over by eminent Polish scientists: W. Boberski, J. Mądalski, A. Rehmann, K. Glanc, J. Kiszka & J. Piórecki as well as duplicates from most collections of the currently active Polish and a few ones of foreign lichenologists.



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