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Museum and Institute of Zoology PAS

The collection contains materials from the collections of the Library and Archives belonging to the Museum and Institute of Zoology PAS.
The collection comprises materials from the field of natural sciences, mainly zoology, ecology and related sciences.
The items in include both classics of Polish natural science literature and contemporary publications of the Institute.
The collection contains, among others, prints published before 1800, mostly in old Polish, Latin, German and French, as well as later 19th and 20th century publications, mainly in zoology, botany and geography (textbooks, handbooks, atlases, dictionaries, travel literature, etc.).
Most of the collected materials are related to the scientific and research activities of the Institute. These are mainly books and scientific journals published by Museum and Institute of Zoology PAS from the beginning of the 20th century. Among the publications available are those published in Acta Ornithologica, Annales Zoologici, Fragmenta Faunistica, Fauna of Poland series, Catalog of Polish Fauna series, and Memorabilia Zoologica.
The collection of the Museum and Institute of Zoology PAS consists of 6 sub-collections that include the following types of collections: Books, Journals, Dissertations, Publications of MIZ PAS, Archive of photographs, and Thematic collections (Nematodes).



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