Title: Sytuacja mieszkaniowa gospodarstw domowych na wsi w Polsce w 2016 r. w świetle badań budżetów gospodarstw domowych = Housing status of rural areas’ households in Poland in the light of household budget survey of 2016


Studia Obszarów Wiejskich = Rural Studies, t. 52



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The article concerns the issue of disparity in the level of meeting the housing needs in the rural areas of Poland. This may be regarded as a basic determinant of households’ standard of living. The goal of conducted research was an attempt to identify the level of diversification in housing status, as well as subjective assessment of life quality in rural areas and comparing these with selected unbiased characteristics of material conditions of examined entities. The number of people per 1 room in a flat, average number of square meters per capita in a flat or living in a separate dwelling were assumed as representative indicators of a household’s housing status. Selected characteristics of housing quality were also examined. A comparative analysis of the relationship between the self-assessment of housing situation, its objective characteristics and selected characteristics of households included in particular socio-economic groups was carried out. The analysis has proven a strong correlation between satisfying the households’ needs and the level of income. It is also worth to emphasise the significant impact of the reference group (the socio-economic group of households was adopted) on the self-assessment of housing status. Statistical analysis methods were implemented. The study employed data derived from the panel survey on household budget in Poland in 2016 conducted by the Central Statistical Office.


1. Gospodarka mieszkaniowa w 2016 r, Informacje i opracowania statystyczne, 2017, GUS, Warszawa. ; 2. Kozera A., Stanisławska J., Głowicka-Wołoszyn R., 2017, Zjawisko ubóstwa mieszkaniowego w krajach Unii Europejskiej, Wiadomości Statystyczne, 1 (668), s. 77-89. ; 3. Kucharska-Stasiak E., 2016, Ekonomiczny wymiar nieruchomości, PWN, Warszawa. ; 4. Wójciaczyk W., 2016, Analiza porównawcza sytuacji mieszkaniowej w wybranych krajach Unii Europejskiej, Zeszyty Naukowe, 3 (951), s. 81-98, Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny w Krakowie, Kraków. https://doi.org/10.15678/ZNUEK.2016.0951.0306


Studia Obszarów Wiejskich



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