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Title: The influence of road corridors on the social condition of adjacent areas


Wiśniewski, Rafał (1977– ) ; Komornicki, Tomasz (geografia)

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Europa XXI 28 (2015)



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Accessibility of public services constitutes an essential element, defining the level of development of a given region and the standard of living of its inhabitants. The present report attempts to shed light on the spatial accessibility to services in the local dimension, with consideration of the important factor, constituted by the development of road infrastructure, which, side by side with economic advantages (enhancement of competitiveness and attractiveness) and improvement of accessibility, should also bring social effects, in particular – increase of spatial mobility and improvement of the overall living standards and the quality of life (Domańska, 2006). The significance of the development of road infrastructure and its influence on the changes in potential accessibility have also been analysed.


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