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Title: Tunnels of Voices. Mining Soundscapes and Memories in South West Sardinia


Tiragallo, Felice

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Ethnologia Polona 39 2018 (2019)


Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology Polish Academy of Sciences

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For the anthropologist, the work of mining seems to be characterised by a specific set of spatial, material, corporeal and sensorial relations. On-going debates in anthropology emphasize the prominence of a direct approach to this range of features of experience, in correlation with a need to understand how they are connected with social meanings. This article uses such an approach to investigate how the sensory experiences of mining are shared by miners as a community of practice. At the same time, the historical decline of mining activity is inexorably restricting mining landscapes and cultures to the heritageof the past. ; In European mining districts, such as South West Sardinia (Italy), a rich heritage of the memory of an abandoned mining world coexists with a number of advanced, government subsidised mining plants that are just ceasing to be active. In this context, a particular form-of-life seems to appear that links miners, witnesses of a recent mining past, with local communities that are still entangled in mining activity. The existence of a rich aural sensitivity underground, recorded by the research project’s filmmaking, is closely related to the way in which former miners “give voice to” and ”feel” what they are saying. ; Sensory landscapes of mining life are linked to the subjective voices which express their history and memory. Starting from an ethnographic research, I shall discuss the relationship between performative aspects of oral memory, and the aural and visual dimensions of modern-day mining work.


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Ethnologia Polona



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