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White pottery from Solec onVistula River

The collection consists of the so-called white vessels, i.e. made of low-ferrous clays with a characteristic light colour of the bodies– it is from white to yellowish, as a result of firing in an oxidizing atmosphere. The so-called earthenware pottery was made of the same material, reductively fired, characterized by a dark gray-black colour of vessels. In total, there are 60 of the most representative, well-preserved vessels. Pots are definitely the largest group of finds. There are larger and small bowls, pitchers, plates, pans, lids and cups. Some are decorated, some have glazed surfaces. These are tableware and auxiliary kitchen utensils intended for middle-class recipients. These are rare examples of a large and diversified collection of this type of products in Poland. They originated from important ceramic centres functioning in the late Middle Ages and in the early modern period in the Świętokrzyskie Mountains region in places such as Iłża, Tarłów, Ćmielów and Łagów. They testify to the standard of the local pottery production. The white pottery was desirable due to its attractive appearance, good quality and specific decorations. It became the subject of an extraordinary demand that led to a high volume of production in the 16th and the first half of the 17th century and as a component of transregional trade. The specimens included in the collection constitute a selection from vessels discovered in Solec on Vistula River (now Lipsk county, Mazovian voivodeship). They were discovered during archaeological work in the years 1962-1966 conducted by a team of researchers from the Institute of the History of Material Culture of the Polish Academy of Sciences (today IAE PAS), under the supervision of Professor Jerzy Kruppé. They were the subject of a detailed study by Dr Magdalena Bis in 2001-2012 and the subject of her monographic publication entitled “Późnośredniowieczne i wczesnonowożytne naczynia białe z Solca nad Wisłą”. – Warszawa, 2014. [Late-medieval and early-modern white vessels from Solec on Vistula River. - Warsaw, 2014].



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