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Search for: [Abstract = "The aim of our study was to determine the nature of the relationships among the characteristics of earthworm assemblages, selected soil properties and the degree of landscape fragmentation against seasonal changes. The study area was located near Rogajny in the Suwałki Lake District, where 54 permanent study plots were established in a homogeneous field \(Dd\) and in a mosaic of small fields and balks \(Dm\). The earthworms were collected in spring and autumn over a two\-year period \(2007–2008\), from blocks of soil measuring 25×25×30 cm. Soil samples were collected from the same sampling points as the earthworms. Both, qualitative and quantitative parameters of earthworm assemblages showed the same trends, thus appearing to be equally reflective. The complex arable landscape site supported higher earthworm diversity, abundance and biomass than the homogeneous arable landscape. The spring and autumn earthworm sampling campaigns revealed very different patterns. We conclude that species richness is determined mostly by spatial structure of agrocenosis mosaics, whilst abundance and biomass of earthworm community is mainly influenced by soil conditions. Comparisons between data and formulating conclusions should be made with great care, as these relations depend on the temporal scales to a large extent."]

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