Search for: [Abstract = "If it is to be argued that concentrating on providing support to largest urban centres is one of the main methods of stimulating the socio\-economic development of Eastern Poland, it would seem necessary to first check, if since 1989, in the conditions of market economy, their so far observed development did indeed have an effect on their hinterland. Using the example of Rzeszów, the capital of Podkarpackie region, the authors delimit the strength, character and directions of impact of a capital of a semi\-peripheral region. Basing their reasoning on the research of the range of the daily urban system, a zone of strongest influence and metropolitan effects of Rzeszów was delimited. Next, the dynamics of change in the level of life and the level of development of municipalities in the zone as compared to other areas of the Podkarapackie region were measured. Though as demonstrated by research results, within the area of strong spatial influence of Rzeszów positive spread effects dominate, metropolitan functions in the city’s hinterland are weakly developed."]

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