Search for: [Abstract = "This article presents a description and analysis of some typical patterns of joking interactions among the Arabela people of Peruvian Amazonia in the context of a particular attitude towards the Other typical to the Arabela cosmology. The paper deals with a particular kind of “phatic” joking that occurs when people change their mutual relations in the everyday practice \(join or leave a group or a collective activity, establish visual contact, etc.\). It is shown that these interactions are based on four participant roles. The active side of the interaction is composed of the positions of prompter and speaker, one who invents a jibe and one who pronounces it. The passive side is split into a first and a second butt of joke. The article claims that in these patterns an expression of a more general pattern of relations towards the Other can be seen, that combines two contrastive relations of aggressive opposition and mutual complicity"]

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