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Stratigraphie und Struktur der Ufer- und Abfallzone des steinzeitlichen Seeuferfundplatzes Dąbki 9, Westpommern


Sprawozdania Archeologiczne 64 (2012)


Kotula, Andreas


Instytut Archeologii i Etnologii Polskiej Akademii Nauk

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ill. ; 25 cm

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Stone Age ; Mesolithic-Neolithic ; lake shore settlement ; GIS ; stratigraphy ; taphonomy


The Stone Age site of Dąbki 9, Pomerania, has provided rich find material with excellent preservation conditions from the waste layers of a lake shore settlement site. The data from the excavations has been stored in a GIS-database to examine spatial relationships. Vertical and horizontal projections of the find material provide insights into the structure of the site. It becomes clear that parts of the former shore zone have been disturbed and can’t provide a reliable stratigraphy. On the contrary, other parts exhibit a better stratigraphical resolution. The examination of horizontal artifact distribution provides information about human impact and other taphonomic processes in the area. These influences on the formation of the archaeological record are briefly discussed


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