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Search for: [Subject and Keywords = city\-forming forces] OR [Subject and Keywords = centripetal forces] OR [Subject and Keywords = centrifugal forces] OR [Subject and Keywords = urban system] OR [Subject and Keywords = ontological approach] OR [Subject and Keywords = siły tworzące miasto] OR [Subject and Keywords = siły dośrodkowe] OR [Subject and Keywords = siły odśrodkowe] OR [Subject and Keywords = system miejski] OR [Subject and Keywords = podejście ontologiczne] OR [Title = Revisiting the question of centripetal and centrifugal forces in urban systems] OR [Creator = Krzysztofik, Robert]

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Song, Yan. Autor - Gil, Jorge. Autor - Wandl, Alexander. Autor - Timmeren, Arjan van. Autor -


Bende, Csaba. Autor - Nagy, Gyula. Autor -


Gawryszewski, Andrzej (1939- )


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