Le Duche de Semgalle ; Perillustribus, Generosissimis Magnificis & Excellentissimis Dominis, Dominis Ducatuum Curlandiae & Semgalliae quatuor Consiliariis supremis tabulam hanc Ducatuum Curlandiae & Semgalliae geographicam


Barnikel, Johann Christoph ; Homännische Erben


Homanniani Heredes

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Scale [ca 1:420 000], bar scale: Milliaria Geographica 15 unius Gradus ; 1 map in 2 segment on 1 sheet : copperplate engraving, hand col. ; 49x57 cm,on sheet 56x65 cm ; Map was published independent and published in: Nouvel atlas de la société cosmographique. - [Nuremberg], Heristiers de Homann, 1747. Map was conected with: Ducatus Curlandiae[...] / Barnikel Johann Christoph. - Norimbergae, 1747 ; Single neat line on the left - the map can be connected with: Ducatus Curlandiae[...] / Barnikel Johann Christoph. - Norimbergae, 1747 ; Prime meridian Ferro ; Cited in: Katalog zbiorów kartograficznych Muzeum Zamkowego w Malborku / Artur Dobry. - Malbork, 2005 poz. 35, p. 47 ; Cited in: Centralny katalog zbiorów kartograficznych w Polsce, Z. 5, poz. 7, p. 7

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chorographic maps ; Courland ; Latvia ; Semigallia ; 18th century

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CBGiOŚ. IGiPZ PAN, sygn. Ds.8286/2 [I.6C-3b] ; CBGiOŚ. IGiPZ PAN, sygn. Ds.8944/2 [I.6C-2] ; click here to follow the link


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