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Creation of experimental urban indices in order to estimate theenvironmental performance of urban/building regenerations


Geographia Polonica Vol. 87 No. 4 (2014)


Bonazzi, Filippo ; Capucci, Marcello ; Muscio, Alberto ; Rizzo, Catia



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urban heat island ; urban environmental indices ; environmental sustainability ; urban planning


Identifying indices to measure the multiple environmental effects of urban transformations is the battle line for the urban planners. To tackle this need the Municipality of Modena (Italy) has defined a set of parameters focused on three main phenomena: the urban heat island, energy requirements and hydraulic risk. The indices are capable of measuring the effects, vouching for the achievement of the planning targets and estimating the benefit-cost ratio. The paper describes the pilot actions of the CE program’s project UHI realized in the framework of the Plan of Urban Redevelopment of the Villaggio Artigiano (POC.MO.W, Modena).


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