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Search for: [Abstract = "Water storage reservoir in the Kluczbork municipality in Ligota Zamecka is located on the Stobrawa river. In 1997 the river flooded surrounding towns and villages. It was decided to build a reservoir that during successive flood states would protect residents. The aim of this study is to analyze the possibility of using water reservoir in Kluczbork municipality for recreation and tourism purposes. The results of two surveys conducted among residents of Ligota Zamecka have been analyzed. The residents could express their opinion about the project. The first questionnaire was conducted at the time when local community was only aware of the project to build retention and recreation reservoir in Kluczbork. The second survey was conducted when the reservoir was completed and filled with water. The results indicate the change in the attitude of inhabitants towards the reservoir – the opinions were mostly positive. They think that it would be a good promotion for the Kluczbork municipality. Moreover, the physico\-chemical properties of water from the reservoir were examined. The samples were collected in the autumn and spring below the inlet of Stobrawa river into the preliminary tank and at the inlet into the main tank."]

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