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Search for: [Abstract = "Village renewal is currently being more and more highlighted as an element of ruralspace changes, both in terms of practical and theoretical context. The way the village renewal has changed was conditioned by changing approaches to rural areas development. At the same time, the role of local resources in rural development concepts has been different and changed according to the concepts. The above\-mentioned are overlaid by the issue of the use of local resources in village renewal actions. That issue has also been dynamic in the history of village renewal. There is no doubt that those three subjects \(village renewal, rural development and local resources\), strongly correspond to each other. We have decided to undertake the description of these relations in order to systematise the state of art in the common ground for these three issues. The main aim of the paper wasto present the embeddedness of village renewal in rural development paradigms, partly in regional\/local development paradigms, and in other scientific concepts, as well as to present the role of local resources in village renewal processes over the years. The paper, based on literature review, is theoretical and open to further debate. The considerations included in the paper indicate that village renewal bases on local resources and simultaneously strengthens them. Local resources are recognised as key in regional\/local development. In the light of current scientific concepts, it is a local community who shall decide about the utilisation of these resources, which could use external instruments for this purpose."]

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