Search for: [Abstract = "Village renewal has been realised in Poland via regional village renewal programmes since 1997. The programmes have differed from each other and consequently they have implemented renewal in a diverse way. Moreover, one should note that there is a dissonance between what village renewal is in practice and what it should be according to academics. The paper possesses two aims\: 1\) to determine characteristics of the regional village renewal programmes in Poland and to reveal how they correspond to particular village renewal dimensions \(physical\-spatial, economic and social\), 2\) to determine the extent to which the programmes refer to village renewal features and fulfil its aims in the context of the academic theory of village renewal. More than 350 regional councils and boards’ resolutions and attachments to resolutions up to and including the year 2016 have been analysed. These include regions where the village renewal programmes operated in the past or are still in operation. Where appropriate, the author contacted respective marshal offices to obtain information. Moreover, literature review has been conducted. Selected conclusions\: 1\) regarding general principles of the regional village renewal programmes \-they are similar to each other, and the village renewal has got broad aims and contributes to each dimension, 2\) the following types of the regional programmes can be identified\: „incentive”, „subsidy” and mixed, 3\) the general principles of the regional programmes many times overestimated the results of the operations conducted as part of the programmes, given the aims of the operations and their expenditure, 4\) concerning the operations themselves, these fulfil only the physical\-spatial and partly the social dimension of the renewal."]

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