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Search for: [Abstract = "This paper presents the first lichenometric curve of Rhizocarpon geographicum for the southern slope of the Tatra Mts \(Slovak Tatras\). The curve was developed based on measurements carried out in the years 2018\-2019. The curve was constructed using measurement results from 9 objects of known time of origin, situated in the Tatra Mts. at an altitude of 1,250\-1,900 m a.s.l. On each of them, the diameter of the 5 largest thalli was measured. Their average diameter was assigned an age value and then the lichen factor was calculated and a classical lichenometric curve was developed, as well as a modified curve taking into account the effect of altitude on the rate of thallus growth. The lichen factor is in the range between approx. 34.5 mm\/100 years at 1,900 m a.s.l. and 44 mm\/100 years at 1,250 m a.s.l. No significant differences were found in the rate of thallus growth between the southern and northern slopes of the Tatra Mts."]

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Kędzia, Stanisław Hreško, Juraj Bugár, Gabriel


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