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Search for: [Abstract = "The study presents results of empirical research of a qualitative nature. The object of analysis is one of the aspects related to the cultural dimension of tourist functions of rural areas in the Opolskie Voivodship. The aim of the study was to establish whether references to the past are incidental or relatively common and to find out which elements of historical and cultural legacy \(material and non\-material\) are considered in the offers of accommodation for tourists and what sort of message referring to the past they bear. Material for analysis was obtained from Internet portals and websites, local and regional publications \(folders, tourist guides\) as well as promotional materials supplied by individual entities. The analysis comprised offers of 167 providers of accommodation services \(of varied scale\), available in 123 villages located in the Opolskie Voivodship. Information given in the offers, concerning past, was ordered by the authors – in relation to the reference point – to the following categories\: 1\) object, 2\) village, 3\) region, 4\) other. With regard to the first category, two subsets were distinguished\: a\) object as an architectural structure and b\) object as a site of socio\-cultural dimension. In the second category, two subsets were differentiated i.e., a\) history and former functions of a given village and b\) traditions of the rural life. As regards the third category, the following three subsets were distinguished\: a\) monuments and other elements of the cultural legacy outside given village, b\) culinary heritage, c\) other elements of the heritage typically referred to as “regional”, “of Opole region”, “Silesian”. Within these types of references \(sets and subsets\) available offers were analyzed with regard to created images of the past and indicated attractiveness of a tourist’s stay, which results from the historicity of the place in material and non\-material dimensions."]

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