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Search for: [Abstract = "The purpose of the work is to determine the significance of the distance from the urban agglomeration for historical land use changes in two selected rural areas, located in the close vicinity of Kraków. The aim was also to analyze changes in the borders of the studied villages. The research was carried out in four stages. The first stage consisted in the acquisition and preparation of data on the land use structure in 1848, 1880, and 2016 for two research facilities \(Kryspinów and Kaszów\). The selection of objects located peripherally to Kraków allowed to study changes in land cover in the period of 1848‑2016 and an attempt to assess the impact of distance from the city on the direction and dynamics of land use change in rural areas. In the second stage, the analysis of administrative borders of examined cities was conducted. The third stage consisted in analyzing land use changes based on the cartographic part of the so\-called Franciscan cadastre, created in the first half of the 19th century for the Austro\-Hungarian Monarchy. The source of information for 1880 was the Geographical Dictionary of the Slavic Countries. Modern data was obtained from the Topographic Database \(BDOT10k\). In the fourth stage, the research was summarized. The analysis of spatial land use changes was carried out using geoprocessing tools. A descriptive\-comparative method and simple statistical methods were also employed. It was confirmed that changes in land use take place more intensively in the villages in the close vicinity to Kraków. Less significant changes were noted in the next distance zone, in which the area was not subject to direct pressure from the suburbanisation process. Observed historical changes in land use confirm the generally observed tendency related to the growth of built\-up and urbanized areas, wasteland and lands sheltered at the expense of farmland in the Małopolskie Voivodeship."]

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