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Search for: [Abstract = "The main aim of the article is detailed evaluation of spatial differentiation of transport opportunities, that means supply of public transport connections \(bus and train\), and household’s equipment by cars at the municipal level. From the methodological point of view there are two main levels of observing\: \- the analysis of differentiation of transport opportunities through common statistical indicators characterizing the entire set \(“Global Statistics”\), \- using local statistics, specifi cally the method of spatial autocorrelation \(LISA procedure\). Article content is divided into two parts. The first addresses the evaluation of the state of spatial differentiation. In the second part the text deals with effect of the supposed socio\-geographic as well as geo\-social factors determined spatial differentiation of transport opportunities. This analysis is done with using “global” correlation analysis \(Pearson’s coefficient\). Some theoretical remarks about statistical distribution of indicators and summary of results conclude the article."]

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