Search for: [Abstract = "The development of the tourist infrastructure in the rural area of Koło Basin has not yet progressed beyond its initial phases. An evidence of that is the still underdeveloped lodging base existing in region. One of the root causes of this situation is the low attractiveness of the landscape of the basin. The potential for activation of the tourism industry in the region lies therefore in exploiting the local cultural resources, which – according to research – are significant in the area concerned. Additionally, Koło Basin does not provide conditions suitable for large\-area or factory farming, and therefore the region has maintained the landscape defined by smallholding farms attractive to tourists searching for genuine atmosphere of the traditional Polish countryside. One of the cultural assets of the region worth mentioning is the well\-preserved traditional rural architecture, erected using the local deposits of limestone \- a unique appearance of that kind of structures on the Polish lowlands. However, the tourism operators in the region rarely refer in their offers to its cultural specificity, emphasizing the common attractions, which tend to be presented in an inflated manner, beyond their actual standard."]

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