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Search for: [Abstract = "The article presents a map, which was compiled in 2009 in cooperation with Prof. Roman Kulikowski for the National Spatial Development Concept 2030. It concerns the inclusion of agricultural commodities in connection with natural conditions for the development of this sector of economy. For the typology, a division into the following classes was proposed\: in terms of the quality of agricultural production space\: A – up to 45 points, B – 45.1 to 60 points, C – above 60 points and in terms of commodity quality per 1 ha of agricultural land\: 1 – up to 1,000 PLN, 2 – 1,000 up to 2,000 PLN, 3 – above 2,000 PLN. It has been shown that in Poland there is no stronger interdependence between natural conditions and agricultural commercialization. The resulting typology was further used to show changes within particular 9 distinguished types in terms of total population and post\-productive age in agglomeration \(suburban\) and non\-agglomeration areas. A disturbing phenomenon of relatively fast depopulation and ageing of the population in areas with good natural conditions for the development of agricultural function was detected. If this is not related to agrarian overpopulation, it is a serious obstacle to the desired transformations in Polish agriculture. Typology of communes, due to natural conditions and agricultural commodities may be useful for research on the processes taking place in rural areas presenting diverse development level."]

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