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Search for: [Abstract = "The aim of this article was to present changes on the domestic fruit and vegetable market, which were observed after Poland’s accession to the European Union. The change in consumer behaviour and the need to adapt the offer to the increasing market requirements caused the need to take measures enhancing the competitiveness of horticulturists. One of them is the integration of producers. The authors presented changes in the organization of fruit and vegetable producers in Poland in 2004–2017. It was noticed that the Polish horticulturists prefer the southern European model of market organization, consisting in the existence of many small producer groups\/organizations. In Poland after 2012, the number of fruit and vegetable producer groups\/organizations and the number of members associated in them decreased. Fruit and vegetable producers by establishing the group most often indicated a neutral possibility of selecting the product category, including both fruits and vegetables in their offer. It was noticed that the groups that were liquidated were mostly homogeneous – they offered either fruits or vegetables. Attention is paid to the increase in of integration among mushroom producers. Mushrooms became one of the most important export products. Despite the shrinking number of producer organizations, those remaining on the market are characterized by a relatively stable market power. Changes in the number of producer organizations were larger than changes in the market share."]

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