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Projekty RCIN i OZwRCIN

Szukana fraza: [Abstrakt = "The aim of the paper is to present findings from the research on accessibility of information resources of rural communes in the Łódzkie Province. The studies were conducted in the first half of 2015. Two categories of information resources were considered\: 1\) connected with operational documents on financial policy of communes, and 2\) related to strategic documents on municipal spatial policy. Empirical data was collected by implementing modified Website Attribute Evaluation System \(WAES\) method, originally used to analyse accessibility and transparency of websites. In this manner the accessibility and transparency of information resources of investigated communes were characterised. Moreover, methods of statistical analysis were employed, thus illustrating. the accuracy of providing information resources for the public by investigated rural communes. As the result of the research, the authors confirmed the hypothesis that dissemination of information resources is positively influenced by the requirement to ensure transparency of municipal projects co\-financed by the European Union."]

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