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Search for: [Abstract = "The aim of the article was to diagnose economic and environmental factors determining trade in agricultural land of Poland. The agricultural land can have many values and functions depending on the different needs of buyers. It is important what price of land the buyer expects in the future, what goals are assumed and what is the quality of land. Among economic factors, the following were distinguished\: price, supply and demand for agricultural land intended for agricultural production or for non\-agricultural purposes, parallel functioning of two market segments – private \(on which the majority of trade in agricultural land takes place between farmers\), as well as the land market – Agricultural Property Stock of the State Treasury, profitability of agricultural production. Among the most important environmental factors were included\: bonitation \(land classification\) and agrotechnical category of soils, existence of mineral deposits within the boundaries of the real estate, location in areas subject to legal protection, current development status, location in an attractive natural environment, land form, difficulties in accessing the property. An important role and significance in agricultural land turnover was attributed to soil bonitation, which is necessary before the valuation of agricultural real estate due to possible changes in use, quality classes or soil degradation, which has a direct impact on the property value. In the current legal reality of trade in agricultural land in Poland, the results of land classification have a large impact on the economic effects of agricultural land allocation for non\-agricultural purposes, e.g. construction or exploitation of minerals."]

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