Search for: [Abstract = "Regional development is largely determined by both the quality and quantity of internal resources, as well as the degree to which these are being utilized. Local resources represent unique – and socially and economically utilizable – features, factors and phenomena in a given area capable of forming its internal development potential. Among these one may differentiate material and non\-material resources, with a further divide into groups and types. The overriding research objective was to identify the structure of local resources in three regions of eastern Poland, and to assess their development potential. For this purpose, research procedure assumed evaluating local assets referring to their utility and uniqueness, by the means of constructed indicators. The study showed that majority of resources were of average utilitarian and uniqueness value, often characterized by considerable spatial differentiation. Several types of prevailing resources were identified including architectural forms and buildings, as well as those related to tourism attractiveness. Resources with the greatest impact on enhancing local development tend to be of considerable uniqueness. On the other hand, there is a group of highly\-unique resources characterized by confined utility regarding the practical point of view. This may attest to the still\-untapped potential of local resources in researched regions."]

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