Search for: [Abstract = "Potential for tourism development, especially in rural areas, depends mainly on natural and cultural assets, which affect the attractiveness of a given territory. The size and distribution of tourist traffic is equally affected by accessibility of an area by transport routes and by the presence of basic elements comprising tourist infrastructure. The study covered rural and urban\-rural communes of the Elbląg County, whose location is an additional asset in planning the development of tourism in this area. An analysis was carried out and a comparison was made concerning tourist attractiveness of communes in the Elbląg County with the use of a multidimensional comparative analysis which employs synthetic measures. The results of a study concerning tourist attractiveness of rural and urban\-rural communes in Elbląg County indicate relative diversity in their potential for tourism development. The number of architectural monuments, existing tourist routes, water bodies, forests and protected areas in the Elbląg County enable one to spend leisure time in an attractive area. Lack of easy access by transport routes and scarce tourist facilities may hamper the development of tourism in the area. The results of the study suggest that general interest in development of tourism is inconsiderable, which imposes to present objective arguments by local authorities concerning the choice for locating tourist investments. This can be supported by research on tourist attractiveness of communes, especially in rural areas."]

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