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Search for: [Abstract = "In line with the observation that tourism is becoming a key element of economic development in border regions, the author describes an approach to a specific form characteristic of border regions alone, i.e. cross\-border tourism and its role as a factor in the development of regional and local economies. Cross\-border tourism gains presentation here in relation to the mobility of tourists \(with differing purposes\) between neighbouring border regions of the Russian Federation and Finland, with no account taken, however, of the development and functioning of the tourist system overall. The aim has thus been to seek to substantiate the importance of the development of cross\-border tourism in the socio\-economic development of the Russian\-Finnish borderland. In its several parts, this article focuses first on theoretical and practical developments of Russian and foreign academic thinking as regards the development of cross\-border tourism. A second part then reveals \(and looks for structure among\) factors influencing the nature and dynamics of cross\-border tourism development in the Russian\-Finnish borderland. The role of these factors in the phenomenon’s development is identified. Empirical data are then used in a third part identifying features and general trends, with the stimulation of cross\-border tourism considered a direction of importance in the development of border regions either side of the state border under study. Given the positive effect of cross\-border trade on the development of Finnish border regions, it would seem crucial that Finnish tourists should be attracted to the Russian border area. Finally, the significance of the development of cross\-border tourism in the Russian\-Finnish borderland is deliberated, where the area in question is taken to encompass Murmansk Oblast, the Republic of Karelia and Leningrad Oblast in Russia, as well as Finnish Lapland, Northern Ostrobothnia, Kainuu, North Karelia, South Karelia and Kymenlaakso. Median indices are calculated. The outcomes of the research are regarded as of both academic and practical significance to the development of cross\-border tourism, seen academically and from the point of view of both regional and municipal authorities and representatives of the tourist industry."]

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