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Search for: [Abstract = "Contemporary villages are becoming increasingly differentiated, both in the regional and socio\-economic sense. Transformation of these areas is an ongoing process, resulting in changing their functions. Growing diversity of agriculture gives way to increasing multi\-functionality of rural areas. Along with the progressive development processes in rural areas, significance of various functions – not yet accentuated – is being revealed and amplified. The study presents functional transformation of rural areas on the example of Pomerania region. These areas have enhanced their socio\-economic, environmental, cultural and spatial functions. The aim of this study is to define changes taking place in individual functions of rural areas and their mutual relations. Agriculture and forestry play an important role in rural areas, acting as a basis for natural resource management and development of the rural landscape. The article illustrates classifications of village and agriculture functions based on various criteria. Significant role of emerging new functions in the villages of the studied area, often innovative and prospective, influencing further development of Pomeranian rural areas was emphasized. Fundamental condition for the development of the researched villages is to increase their diversity, in particular by enriching the socio\-economic functions. Rural areas are currently facing numerous challenges and the driving force for their development lies within activity of their residents."]

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