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Search for: [Abstract = "A synthetic assessment of the equipping of Poland’s voivodships with road and railway infrastructure was conducted to identify needs, as well as future action to be taken as regards infrastructure development. Reference was made to two main approaches to assessment\: one providing econometric estimates of infrastructure productivity, where transport infrastructure equals public capital in production functions\; and the other analyzing changes in regional road and rail accessibility. This paper in fact presents an indicator incorporating both the quantity and the quality of road and rail infrastructure, with two widely\-used density indicators relating to population and area being applied. A third indicator including both population and area was also taken into account. A comparison of Poland’s voivodships was made on the basis of the results. Particular attention has been paid to operational work on the state road network and train operations. Traffic intensity was found to vary markedly between voivodships, and this should be the main reason to improve the degree to which given areas are equipped with road and rail infrastructure. It is concluded overall that the shares of operational work regions account for correlate strongly with the shares of GDP they take. Priority should thus be given to investment in voivodships displaying the highest level of operational work, in particular centrally\-located regions. The second goal of the investment policy should be attained via investments in the regions of highest GDP growth, because operational work is probably going to be higher there as well. Eventually, infrastructure should also be improved in regions where the needs as regards operational work are less urgent, e.g. in south\-eastern Poland – an area that unfortunately suffers from poor transport infrastructure. The conclusion is nevertheless that asymmetrical investments leading to greater differences in equipping with infrastructure from region to region do represent the best solution for Poland at this time."]

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