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Temple Karneji Mata, Deshnok (Iconographic document)


Demski, Dagnosław

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Deshnok ; Bikaner District ; Rajasthan

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Photography (scan from a slide). In the foreground, the interior of the temple and the altar of the goddess Karna Mata in Deshnok . The image of the goddess is visible inside , placed under a symbolic canopy and richly decorated . In front of him is burning oil lamp . Before the altar sits or stands a group of pilgrims who made the sacrifice to the goddess and praying or talking is waiting for a sign that the goddess took the sacrifice. Just in front of them is the metal bowl with the food on which sits a few rats. After the clothes you can know that they come from Rajasthan. Deshnok Temple is known that resides within it a large number of rats. The local practice of pilgrims idea is that the sacrifice made by pilgrims was eaten by rats . According to the beliefs it is a sign that the goddess took the sacrifice, which is the food. Temple priests belong to Charan caste , a group of closely related to Rajputs. Deshnok is situated near Bikaner , and the goddess Karna is a tutelary deity of Rajput clan Rathor based in Bikaner

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ethnography ; social culture ; social life ; material culture ; Temple Karneji mata ; Deshnok ; Rathor Rajputs

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part 1, box 2, 0095


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Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology of the Polish Academy of Sciences

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