Search for: [Description = "Photography \(scan from a slide\). Fragment of a tribal feast of Bhils dedicated to the goddess Gauri. The festival lasts for about 40 days and takes place during the rainy season. Every day a group of men from the tribe are dancing in the next village. Culminating celebration in this region takes place on the outskirts of Udaipur and within a few hours of dancing and playing a scene from tribal mythology, the most of them connected with life of a deity Rai Budiya. At the end of the procession holy figure of the goddess Gauri is thrown into the water. The picture shows a group armed with weapons and sticks actors with their faces painted in black and green, decorated with leaves, playing an episode of armed struggle. Several actors wearing British clothes. Men dance around a center in which is sitting a group of men dressed in white, and white or yellow turbans. The audience is sitting around the stage"]

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