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Search for: [Abstract = "This contribution presents a collection of 68 typological perforators and borers discovered during excavations conducted in 2006–2009 at site 6 in Tominy, Opatów district \(south\-central Poland\), which is currently one of the largest collections of such tools across the territorial range of Linear Pottery Culture \(LPC\). In the light of previous findings from the area of Poland, that collection is characterized by a very unusual material structure \(domination of Świeciechów flint\), as well as the degree of morphological diversity \(high share of forms with clearly shaped, intensively constricted points, including the Vedrovice perforators\). The results of conducted microwear analyses indicate a relatively limited range and method of practical usage of particular pieces, i.e. as a tool primarily intended for processing \(mainly drilling\) of bone\/antler. It indicates indirectly the functioning within the settlement in Tominy of a workshop specialized in processing these raw materials, for the production of specific products"]

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