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Search for: [Abstract = "The subject of detailed analysis presented in the article is the material culture as located in the precisely defined time and space context \(in the context of four winters at the end of the 1980s in a Polish city in Upper Silesia\) and as seen from the angle of the economic sphere of private life. The source material used in the study is a collection of household accounts run within a single household, which the author treated as a special kind of document of social life. The economic anthropology constitutes the theoretical perspective for the analysis. The analysis of given excerpts from account calculations allows the author to characterize the most important groups of objects contributing to the reality of the everyday and holiday life of members of a single household in the period of interest. They also illustrate the specificity of significant economic activities undertaken in the household, connected with the areas of work, exchange, property and consumption. As a result of the analysis, the author shows the significance of the participation of objects in building social reality, based on the example of a single household. Through consideration on everyday efforts and actions, such as purchasing goods and calculating bills, the author tries to approach the actual social tissue, the actions taken and the decisions behind them, resulting from the specificity of the defined time and space context, local cultural traditions and familial habits"]

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