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Projekty RCIN i OZwRCIN

Szukana fraza: [Abstrakt = "The Author considers the chronological issues of the enigmatic, pre\-historic sculptures made of local granite from Ślęża Massif and its nearness. He calls into question if they are dated at Hallstatt period. He also suggests that the statues of human figures \(especially “the mushroom” and “the girl with fish”\) could be connected with sculptures from Celtic lands dated at 6th\-4th century B.C. He postulates the possibility of existence on Ślęża the Celtic nemeton in 4th\-3rd century B.C., while the adjoining territory was settled by Celts. It is likely that two stone statues of bears \(\?\) which resembled the bulls and pigs sculptures known from central part of Pyrenean Peninsula, are dated at the same period"]

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