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Search for: [Abstract = "At the Site 426 in Racibórz, relics of the Lusatian and the La Tène settlement were discovered, as well as relics of settlements of the Przeworsk culture from the Roman period and the early Middle Ages. The most interesting findings include remains of the La Tène culture. These are few fragments of pottery vessels and a fragment of a glass bracelet. The paper focuses primarily on the typological, chronological and technological analyses of the glass artefact. The bracelet from Racibórz was made of translucent blue glass and decorated with yellow and white opaque glass. The formal features allow it to be classified to the Row 19 according to the classification by R. Gebhard and to the Group 11b according to the typology by Th.E. Haevernick. The chemical composition of all three glasses was tested using the LA \-IC P\-MS method. Based on the content of K2O and MgO, the discussed materials can be classified as low magnesium glasses \(LM G\). Thanks to the discovery of the fragment of the glass bracelet, the settlement episode of the La Tène culture can be dated to LT C1b, possibly to LT C2"]

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Kamyszek, Lidia Kępa, Luiza Purowski, Tomasz Wagner, Barbara Żygadło, Leszek


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