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Search for: [Abstract = "An important role in the extraction and utilisation of siliceous rocks was played by the Udorka Valley region, situated in the south\-eastern part of the Ryczów Upland. In this region, numerous outcropsof various siliceous rocks are located including outcrops of chocolate flint, and many sites with artefacts from chocolate flint dated from the Middle Palaeolithic. In Udorka Valley, in the area of chocolate flint outcrop, a number of small depressions in the ground with unfinished flint artefacts were encountered and which have been tentatively considered to be remnants of the activities of prehistoric miners. The area under scrutiny was investigated using airborne laser scanning methods \(LiDAR, ALS\). This paper presents the preliminary results"]

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Sudoł-Procyk, Magdalena Budziszewski, Janusz Krajcarz, Maciej T. Jakubczak, Michał Szubski, Michał


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