Search for: [Abstract = "An archaeologist, just as every private person looking back to the past, creates its images on the basis of elements which are available in the present. In my opinion, nowadays, particularly in Polish archaeology, a discourse upon memory is taking place and the projecting identity is being formed on the basis of the memory. And an inclination for personifying of the past begins to dominate, also \"in\" and \"through\" popular culture\/culture of pleasure \(partly \- theme parks, especially \- archaeological fests\). The interwar period, the times of J. Kostrzewski and of the discoveries in Biskupin as well as the period until the end of the 80s of the 20th century were periods when the discourse upon tradition was taking place and the identity, legitimizing for instance entitlement to specific lands, was formulated on the basis of archaeological discoveries. However, either then and now the meaning of the past and the need for the past have been investigated, though in a different way. The past of Biskupin was used and continues being used in the aforementioned discourses\; \"belonging\" to all times, as a matter of fact it \"does not belong\" to anyone"]

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