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„Śmierć Stefana Jegomości króla polskiego w Grodnie 12 Decembra Anno Domini 1586 (Prawdziwa sprawa o chorobie i śmierci nieboszczyka Stefana Batorego króla polskiego)” – źródło do losów Stefana Batorego i historii medycyny


Studia Źródłoznawcze = Commentationes T. 56 (2018) ; Commentationes T. 56 (2018)


Pawłowska-Kubik, Agnieszka


Institute of History of the Polish Academy of Sciences


Instytut Historii im. Tadeusza Manteuffla Polskiej Akademii Nauk

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s. 137-153 ; 29 cm

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history of medicine ; early-modern medicine ; Stefan Batory (King of Poland; 1533-1586) - illnesses and afflictions ; Stefan Batory (King of Poland, 1533-1586) - death ; post mortem examination ; Gosłowski, Jacob


The text presents the edition of the document describing the last days of Stefan Batory’s life and conducted after death of king post-mortem examination. The document was created right after the death of Batory in 1586, and Jakub Gosławski is most likely his author. The source describes ailments of the monarch and the course of disease, including therapy applied by royal physicians. The original of the document wasn’t found, and two kept copies are in the Central Archives of Historical Records in Warsaw and at the Czartoryski Library in Cracow. This edition compares the copies, demonstrating important diff erences between them, especially discrepancies in the protocol of the post-mortem examination.


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Studia Źródłoznawcze



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2451-1331 ; 0081-7147 ; 10.12775/SZ.2018.06


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